Strayed Lights

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melancholiii Melancholy drives writer to be inspired
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She was she, I am me, But no matter how we collide there can't be we,I just need to let her go and set ourselves free ,Let time be because maybe there will be another lifetime for her and me

Strayed Lights

I told her I was lost in this world. She smiled because she was too.

Breathing to the thin air, floating through the cosmos she was there

Lost in white light, I drown as I see. There through the dark night, her smile roamed forever free

She fluttered her hands with glee, I was whipped instantly,I couldnt breakfree, With her bright smiles she could radiate through miles

But with her saddened eyes she had kept her lies

I looked down and frowned; it is as I feared.

She was too high above, I could never get near.

I was a broken soul, trapped in an dense dark maze.

A moth flying ever to close to a brilliant, bright blaze.

She was a deep sea that nobody dared to see, Her currents were crushing but she kept on hiding, she was merely drowning but she kept on trying

Until she found he; who was also a lost soul as she

She crept ever closer, her eyes filled with glee. The girl never found, until now, another one such as she.

With a joyful heart, she smiled, reaching out to see..

I who was ever as broken as she.

I turned away, ignoring the sight. Ashamed and afraid, I turned from the light.

I succumb the defeaning voice in my head, the chaos it brought that made my heart bleed

Was this the right choice or should I follow the deafening voice?

As I struggled, I left out a sigh. I just cant seem to make up my mind.

The girl, determined, just looks up the sky.

Hugging me, she let out a cry.

"It's okay to be broken, most people are. Never is there a person complete... never so far."

"That does not matter, it can never be." I say as I makes her see. "There can never be a you and me."

"For I am a fool worthy of contempt. A sinner, a dying man waiting for his end."

I break her embrace, and with a smile, I said. "It would be better if I had been dead."

Pool of tears she shed, enormous thinking was inside her head, emotions were cutting through the edge

The girl, brought up a smile and wiped all the gushing tears in her eyes,I intensely looked at them, they could never lie

She faced him daringly,"Life is too precious to die,this is not a goodbye",

I waited for her to walk away, and hoping that someday we could meet half way

For lost souls cannot find each other because deep inside they are shattered,they must find themselves first, that is what truly matters

Strayed lights that cannot shine together unless their own lights they discover

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