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It's 7h34 pm and I really need to start getting ready for the party tonight. Actually, two parties, for the first time, I was never that busy before to celebrate New Year's Eve. We need to get to Brian's first, which is the basic house party and then Paul's, who rented a place for the occasion. I really need to get in the shower now, or else I will be late.


It's 7h34 pm and I really need to start getting ready for the party tonight. Actually, two parties, for the first time, I was never that busy before to celebrate New Year's Eve.

We need to get to Brian's first, which is the basic house party and then Paul's, who rented a place for the occasion. I really need to get in the shower now, or else I will be late.

I want to show the best of me tonight, because he is going to be there.

Oh my god I'm stressing out, I don't know what to wear. I look too fat in that grey dress, the blue one shows too much skin but maybe the black one can do the job.

Yeah, I'm going to wear this one.

It's a skin-tight long black dress that almost reaches my ankles, really simple and classic,with velour fabric all over it and a little bit of mesh just above my chest that shows off my collar bones and my arms.

Now, I need to find the right shoes, I really don't want to be taller than him or the others, the struggles of a girl who's 5'7" tall.

When taller girl wear heels and walk next to a guy, it looks like a sister taking a walk with her little brother, in my point of view.

I also have to look down when I talk to someone which I find really awkward and I hate that.

So, I'm going to wear my boots whose heels aren't too high, and I hope I won't be that much taller than him.

Anyway, I have 20 minutes left before going to Brian's place and it's kind of far so I need to hurry up and do my make-up and my hair.

8h26, It's good, I'm on time. Just need to grab my purse and the bottle of rhum and I can leave. I'm meeting Leila, Naomie and Lauren on the way to Brian's place.

I know Leila from a common friend, for 5 years now. She's my best friend in a way even thought I don't know her that long. She's the kind of person that's really warm-hearted.

Every time I'm having a bad day, I feel better by just talking to her. I met Naomie 3 months ago, and we became friend really quickly.

We were both having our own issues and were struggling about it. We met at the right time and was a support for each other.

Finally, Lauren is Leila high school friend, I just met her twice but she seems really nice. Oh, and I forgot to introduce myself.

So, I'm Elijah, 21 years old this year, now studying in International Trade. I was born in Paris, but my parents are from Seoul. They moved 2 years before I was born to France for my education.

They got divorced 3 years ago, even though their relationships were bad from the beginning.

I won't go into too much detail because it's the typical story about the dad that cheated on his wife and never assumed his role as a father. So, I'm now living with my mom and her boyfriend.

I really hated him at first, the hate you have for a stepfather because you need to make sure he deserves your mom. Now it's fine, I saw how much he took care of her.

I come from a crazy family, my grandfather got married more than 3 times, I said more than 3 times because I only know 3 of my grandmothers.

He went back to his hometown and got married again, we lost contact and I lost the count.

I remember, when I was around 10 years old, we would have dinner with 2 or 3 of my grandmothers all together, which was so strange.

So, because of that I have a lot of step aunts and uncles that are actually just 4 or 5 years older than me, so they are more like my big brothers and big sisters.

Because of the small difference in our age we would hang out a lot.

My aunt introduced me to the iconic show "Friends" and my uncle introduced me to the world of video games and anime and we kind of grew up together.

But again, my family is twisted and my crazy ass step-grandmother, who became crazy after my grandfather left her, thought I was in love with my uncle,

who I love of course but as a big brother even though we're not blood related and she told my uncle girlfriends about it. She made my uncle cut off all ties with me.

That's about a quarter of my family stories and I think I am going to stop here because it's going to be too long. I may tell you the rest of it another time.

Tonight, I don't want to think about all of that, I just want to have fun, get drunk and meet him for real this time. I say for real because I just know him from my best friend Anna.

Anna is my soulmate, I met her through a common friend too and actually she's Leila childhood friend.

Two years ago, Anna and he used to study Japanese in the same university and every time I picked her at their school, I would see him. We usually just say hi and that's it.

We never really talked, and I just heard once from my her that he said I was cute because she was talking about me and showed him my Instagram account.

I also used to go to a bar every week-end where I met two of his best friends there so, that is kind of how I was "connected" to him in a way.

After his second year at the university, he moved to Tokyo so that's why I never really talked to him and get to know him.

We just followed each other on Instagram and I could see his handsomeness in his posts.

The first time I met him, I felt nothing, and wasn't really into him but I would bumped into him occasionally,

because we were hanging with the same group of friends and that's how I began to take interest in him.

He was living in Tokyo, so obviously I couldn't really be interested in him, I would just like his Instagram post and say to myself "he's cute" and be excited when he liked mine, that's it.

But I never imagined he'd be there tonight. Paul's told me that when he invited me to the party a week ago and I was thrilled when I heard his name.

I'm usually no the type to make the first move but I decided to do it tonight, as a new year resolution. I really wanted to get to know him before he goes back to Tokyo.

We just got to Paul's place, and they are only 3 people there including his father. Is it that early? It's 10 o'clock, and we need to leave in an hour for the other place.

This party is really boring right now, I need a drink. Greg is here, and with a girl of course. Greg is Naomie ex-boyfriend and they didn't exactly end really well.

He definitely wants her to react by bringing in this girl. Let's just hope that he doesn't get drunk because he tends to be really violent when he is.

It's been only 13 minutes since we got here, and I feel like it's been 3 hours, I need to get another drink. I see Leila, our eyes meet and she understands right away.

We rush to the drinks table and start filling up our cup. We're talking about how boring the party is when the "I want to make her jealous" girl is approaching us and starts talking to us.

I'm trying to smile as much as I can, and focus on what she's saying but no matter how hard I try I don't want to talk to her, be fake and pretend to like her.

I know it's not her fault, it's no one fault and maybe she doesn't even know the whole story but I can't help it.

I make the decision to just walk away, and go out on the balcony for a cigarette.

No one is here, the evening breeze is so fresh and crisp and it feels good to be in this silence looking at the sky. There aren't many stars but I am still looking at this dark canvas.

We got there around 11 and, on the way there my heart was beating so fast, that anyone could hear it.

They are only about 20 people here; the room is quite empty; the rest is coming after the countdown.

There is a huge table near the entrance with all the drinks, and chairs are placed all around like the layout of a middle school party.

After my third or fourth cup of my rum and apple mixture, I hear a group of people entering the room, I turn my head in this direction

and I see him.

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