Chapter Three: The Nightmare Ghost Fanfiction by MeidoKeiko
Chapter Three:
The Nightmare 

                         Ghost Fanfiction 
                               by MeidoKeiko anxiety disorder stories

meidokeiko Fanfic of a Ratdaddy & his pet Ghouls. 🐀
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Two lovers find eachother in the darkness, one suffering a deep pain. Can The Cardinal calm Water’s waves of emotion before he spirals further?


‘A Man and his Ghouls’ is a fanfiction series written by MeidoKeiko that is set in an alternate universe Ghost timeline where Copia’s a vampire in a pansexual, polyamorous relationship with all seven of his Ghouls!

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Chapter Three: The Nightmare Ghost Fanfiction by MeidoKeiko

With a loud yawn, The Cardinal woke up, turning over to check the time on his alarm clock. “Ah, so it’s the middle of the night?” He mused, feeling oddly awake for somebody who had only a few hours ago been pestered by an annoying spectre.

“Oh well.” He whispered to himself as he jumped out of his warm bed, quickly grabbing his dressing gown to cover his cold, naked body.

The man opened his bedroom door, glancing out into the large hallway, stopping for a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once he had gotten his bearings, he began to slowly make his way down the hallway, heading to the kitchen to get himself a drink.

“No!!” The Water Ghoul’s tear-filled eyes shot open as he screamed out, waking in a cold sweat. Ever since he told his Master how he really felt earlier that day, the Ghoul had been having vivid nightmares of being abandoned, left alone with no one to take care of him.

Rain sat up in his bed, holding his head in his hands as he tried to stop the tears, little droplets falling on his onesie pyjamas.

Copia squinted his eyes, “Hmm... which shall I have?” He asked himself, holding two different bottles of wine in his hands. After a few seconds, he shrugged, opening them both up and pouring the red liquids into his favourite cup before closing the bottles, stowing them away.

The man, wine in tow, walked out of the kitchen, sipping at his drink as he made his way to the main room, whistling as he walked. Once he had found his favourite chair in the darkness, he placed his drink on the coffee table and sat down, closing his eyes.

Rain huffed, lifting himself up and off of his bed, walking to his bedroom door. He took a deep breath before opening it, being careful to look around before he quietly dashed towards the main room, bounding over any obstacles in his way as his tail whipped behind him in the fast breeze of his inhuman movements.

As the Ghoul stopped in the middle of the main room, he froze in place, staring at the figure in his Master’s favourite chair. “O-oh no...” he whispered, stuttering to himself as he hoped to Satan that The Cardinal hadn’t noticed him enter.

The figure opened his eyes, squinting into the darkness, “Rain, is that you?” The Water Ghoul whimpered before answering. “Uh-uhm...” he swallowed, unable to get any words out. Copia tilted his head, worried for the little Ghoul.

“Is everything okay, my love?” He asked as he adjusted his sitting position to lean his body forward, closer to the nervous boy standing before him. Rain whimpered again, stomping his feet with a soft growl as his mind raced too much for him to do any else.

“Woah-woah-woah...” Copia started, standing up quickly as he walked over to the troubled Ghoul, placing a comforting arm over his shoulders, squeezing him close.

“You don’t need to speak if you do not want to, you know this.” The man spoke softly, reminding the Ghoul to be easy on himself. Rain exhaled, nodding in agreement before turning to look the man in the eyes, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Thank you.” The Water Ghoul whispered, hugging Copia tight with a relieved smile. A blush covered The Cardinal’s freckled cheeks as he hugged back, closing his eyes as he sighed, “It’s my job to protect you, my Ghoul. No matter what.”

After a minute or so, Copia ended the hug, holding Rain’s shoulders as he looked deeply into his eyes. “Now.” He started, “Do you promise to be nicer to yourself?” He smiled softly before adding, “Don’t worry though. Even if you cannot promise, I’ll always be here to help.”

The Ghoul spoke up with confidence, “I’ll try my hardest, sir.” Copia exhaled, relieved to have heard those comforting words. He then booped Rain on the nose before heading back to his chair, petting his lap. “C’mon, let us hang out.”

The Ghoul blushed as he grinned from ear to ear, racing over to the man he loved, quickly cuddling up to him with a deep purr. The Cardinal then wrapped his arms around Rain, holding him tight as he closed his eyes, falling asleep once more.

~ The End ~ (for now)

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