The monster that eats away at me
The monster that eats away at me  monster stories

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Τέρας is the name of the split personality of a young boy who is struggling with DID.

Τέρας means monster in Greek

The monster that eats away at me

When was the last time I forgot something? To put it simply, why is it so difficult to remember?

I believe the doctors told me that it was a monster that took over me, and my guardians named it Τέρας also which means monster in Greek.

I mean, there are several meanings to the term, but that is how I interpreted it.

Why me, I didn't do anything, all I wanted to do was vanish from time to time, and I think that's why I created my split persona named Τέρας In the very least, I'm not as exhausted,

but I wish I could sleep longer. I hope that one day my wish will be granted, but for the time being, I will remain hidden behind my shadow, Τέρας.

But, before I leave, I believe my diagnosis was known as Dissociative identity disorder.

What is DID (Dissociative identity disorder) P.S (This is where the story ends, but if you want to keep reading, I won't interrupt you; this is just to raise awareness and for me to write something ; I hope you enjoyed it.)

Dissociative identity disorder is an extreme type of dissociation, a neurological process that results in a lack of interaction between a person's emotions, perceptions, emotions, behaviors,

and sense of identity. Dissociative identity disorder is believed to be caused by a variety of causes, including damage suffered by the individual suffering from the disorder.

The dissociative factor is considered to be a coping mechanism in which the individual simply disconnects or dissociates themselves from an event or encounter that is too aggressive, stressful,

or unpleasant for them to assimilate with their conscious self.

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