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writng importance

Writing Importance

It is a very common topic and everyone can explain the importance of writing. but, I will explain my point of view and it might be no difference and uniqueness..

writing anything is simply the way of expressing your thoughts and feeling that some persons might not explain by speaking. writing is not about novels, articles, and stories.

writing can also give great happiness and peace even when you have no friends, you can write your emotions and feelings in your diary. Every person might feel happy and peaceful when they do work what they like.

Writing is a great friend when you feel lonely or when you feel rejected or even also when you are so frightened or tensed. you might not explain all things to other persons

But writing your feelings and emotions can give you somewhat expectation that you can minimize your worries.

Writing can give you great peace. It is a great source of getting away from negative thoughts. It is a great source of becoming a positive person by getting engaged.

Every writer represents his/her own specialty. Some writers express their feelings, imaginations, and the bad condition that they might suffer or see other persons suffer that.

Writers are assumed to a very sensitive personality because He/She can feel more than a normal person. They can feel the voices behind the silence, beauties of nature, the wounds behind the laughter, the two faces.

but, writing is very important because it brings happiness and peace.

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