Fears of brain
Fears of brain brain stories
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mehmal change yourself to change the world
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Fears of brain

In a quarantine, I used to think about the things which are considered stupid things

One of the stupid things is feeling the brain and heart thoughts difference

Brain embodies the essence of the mind and soul The heart is only the organ of the emotional waves The brain tells us the pieces of information and saves a lot of memories.

but the brain is the organ that contains a lot of the fears rather than the heart. It includes the fears of losing something. if we get dot ch, our heart sends messages to us of giving one chance but our brain sends us the signals of fear don't trust.

our brain have an amygdala which represents the fears fears may be comprising of fear of trust fear of regaining something fear of losing something fear of getting angry so fast

Most of people say that our hearts is an organ which is considered mostly for emotional decisions. but after knowing the fears of the brain, our brain brings more anxiety and emotions as compared to the heart.

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