Journal of a Wastelander
Journal of a Wastelander stories

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Based in the Fallout franchise (kind of) This is a test, a short story, made in less than an hour.

Journal of a Wastelander

Based in the Fallout franchise (kind of)

This is a test, a short story, made in less than an hour.

Made mainly to improve my skills at English and also to expand my creativity border.

Don't expect anything good, since I'm not an experienced writer.

Day I

I decided to write this journal because I want others to know what's at the surface. This is for those people who live confined within the depths.

It's for those people who can't go outside, because of the horrors lurking at the surface. It's for those people who wonder how it is outside.

This may or may not have the answers to all that, it depends on the reader.

This journal will contain all my expeditions, all my encounters, and all I can scout out there, so I can bring it back and so we can finally stop being afraid.

After leaving home, I quickly realised I needed to set up camp, so I started gathering resources, since it's day and the most dangerous creatures only appear at night.

There are barely any trees left, due to the exposure of Skulkers.

These have a toxic aura, depleting life all around them and destroying most organic matter, it's best to approach them at a medium range.

Using a firearm or another ranged weapon will successfully take them out. Their bite is painful, and also venomous.

Few animals here, they're devoured on sight by any starving Skulker. Fortunately, Skulkers are one of the few creatures that come at night.

I possess all this information since my father was also a wastelander. He always told me stories of how it was outside.


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