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The story of a man named 'Devil'.


By MegLynn

There once was a boy

who was called Devil's name

for his hatred and disaster

cause he only brought pain

The once built man

was broken into two.

His black hair shined

and his green eyes brightened

at the man before him

who look so frightened

at the once little boy

who had grown into a man.

His sadistic laugh

caused shudders to rise

as he look to them

with his broken eyes

He said, "I am the devil

"And the devil is me

"And all we bring

"Is pain and misery.

"So why don't we

begin the feast."

His teeth en-longed

and a snarl shot out

as the hunger before him

clawed it's way out

he tried to reason

with his beast

who was not listening

He said "You had your time now it's mine, they're all gonna die."

This is the story

Of the man they called 'Devil'

because him and his beast

were having great trouble

of compromising

to live as one.

So his wolf broke out

and slaughtered them all

and during this time

his Kingdom would fall

and the Devil

well he ran off.

So listen to this

for this is true

the pain and suffering

he will bring to you

is inevitable if you

utter his name.

The Devil is no game.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think about this!

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