Starving Hearts
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meghansolo Aspiring poet.
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I spent a month living with the Awash people in a remote village in Ethiopia.

Starving Hearts

These children grab my hand They treat my as a sister, as a friend.

Any chance they get they'll scream hi It's a simple word

And yet just as powerful as goodbye.

They're in awe we live in this village

Walking through the streets I feel their care When they grab my hand and kiss my cheek I feel their care.

The eagerness they share is rare And i've never experienced anything quite like it.

But deep down I know the root And the root is neglect.

They suffer from hunger and most of all love. Anything to get a hoot

If that's what it will take for us to pay attention.

Little do they know, that's all I do.

I'd do anything to make them feel tall To rise from their circumstance

To have a full belly, at last. I will take the chance

But my efforts are in vain.

I pray God can deliver them Protect them from the pain.

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