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meghan Queen of hearts is ma queen❤
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Here's a quote i made!
Hope you like it❤

Just look above❤

That place in the clouds

That place where they sing

That place where beauty is in everything

Is it true? Is it fake? No one knows but just you wait.

If you cry, look above. Don't look down, please my love.

Know I love you deeper than the sea, I really don't care if you don't love me.

All you need to know is right above, Right in the clouds. Look up my love.

One day it'll end.. You may not have a friend. But darling just you know... I'll be with you in the end...

Look above, look ahead, hear the voices in your head?

Do you see a cloud?... A cloud that appears to be red?

Do you see a Face? Or do you see a head?

Beneath the clouds will be me. Standing, waiting as my face will be fading...

I will whisper in your ear, softly saying... " you are here, you are safe. And you are near... "

The place in the clouds... The songs that you hear... Just look above and know that I am near❤

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