the Suitor -Pt 2-
the Suitor  -Pt 2- stories

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Continued from Pt 1

the Suitor -Pt 2-

Draco was definitely NOT human, Morganna thought. His skin was a pasty white, and his hair was unruly, black, and curly. His eyes were especially unsettling.

He reminded her of Count Dracula from Bram Stoker’s book… Just without the pointed teeth.

“Morganna?” Her mother snapped her fingers in front of her daughter’s face.

“Sorry, Mom.” Morganna said, blinking.

“Forgiven. Now, you two get to know each other. I’ll see to supper.” Her mother walked off to the kitchen.

“I’ll show you to the living room.” Morganna said quietly. Draco followed her into the cozy living room. The fire was roaring, its flames casting shadows against the walls.

Draco sat in a chair beside the fire, across from Morganna. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

His caramel-brown eyes eerily reflected the fire-light. His pale skin was illuminated by the light cast from the flames, making him almost seem ghost-like.

“Tell me about yourself, here.” Draco said, folding his hands across his black silk chest. His suit was entirely black, excepting the red tie and silver buttons.

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