the Suitor -Pt 1-
the Suitor    -Pt 1- stories

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Morganna is a 17 year old girl from America. Her parents had arranged a marriage with an Irish boy when she was younger. The families are friends who go way back, but had lost contact for a while. To keep the close bonds, marriage was their first pick.

the Suitor -Pt 1-

Morganna Daray sat on her bed, waiting to meet this suitor her parents chose for her when she was younger.

She sighed.

Looking around the room with her silvery blue eyes, she found an empty journal and a pen. Her room was cluttered with papers, notebooks, books, schoolwork, pencils, and pens.

The wooden desk’s drawers were overflowing with pictures, scraps of paper, and small notebooks.

She wrote a little down in the journal as she waited for her mother’s call.


Morganna sighed as she got up. Her mother knew she hated to be called “Ann.” She looked in the mirror, adjusting her black jeans and army-green sweater, leaving her reddish-brown hair down.

“Morganna, dear, this is Draco Cayne.”

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