Lightning Struck By Andie Christie Hatter
              Lightning Struck


      Andie Christie Hatter


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Caspian Hart, your normal twenty-five year old man. Until something happens... The fatherless man finds his father's murderer, with help of a smart girl.

Lightning Struck By Andie Christie Hatter

Caspian woke up, his head hurt again from the reoccurring nightmares. Flashes of lightning, then dark, then a pale face. What did it mean? He rolled out of bed, slipping on his shirt as he walked out the door. His mother was making breakfast, as always his dead father's favorite. He glanced at the large stack of paperwork his mother still had to finish.

"Mom?" "Yes, Cas?" "I'm going to work now. I'm not hungry." "Alright, call me at lunch time." "Alright, love you." "Love you too. Stay safe."

Caspian got on his motorcycle, then drove off. He arrived at a small coffee shop on the edge of town once it started to pour rain. His friend, Rose, came over to him. "Hey. You okay?" She asked him. Caspian messed around with his dark brown hair. "I'm fine, I guess.” He said glancing around the small shop.

After a few hours of working, it was 9:00 A.M. And the coffee shop was full. A few people got up to leave, and the TV was turned up so the employees could hear the weather man. Caspian went into the back to get some more supplies, and didn't hear the weather channel's warning about being around metal. He came back quickly, his hands empty, but shaking.

Rose rushed to him. "Are you okay?" She asked, taking his hands in hers. Caspian stared blankly, then collapsed. Rose called 9-1-1, cradling Cas's head in her lap. His veins showed darker, and his hair turned white. When the emergency crew arrived, they took Caspian to the hospital, where he stayed for seven months in a comma.

When he woke, he saw his hands paler than normal, and he was in a hospital bed. He noticed a nurse, who checked his charts, and smiled. "Mr. Hart, someone's been waiting to see you." She said kindly. "Thank you. Oh, can I ask you something?" "Sure, Hun." "Can I see a mirror please, Ma'am?" "Sure." She went out after handing it to him.

Rose burst in through the door, doctors protested, but she pushed on. One nod from Caspian and they let her alone. "You feeling okay, Cas?" She asked, her dark blue eyes scanned over the pale face. She looked hard at his eyes. They changed from their original brown to an electric blue with streaks of darker blue flashing through them. He shrugged. "I'm fine, I guess. How about you?" He smiled weakly.

"I'm alright. Scared to death for you, but I'm good." "What day is it?" "Friday, almost exactly six months since the accident." Caspian nodded. His hair was now a dark blond and streaked with sandy brown. "Mom okay?" Rose wrung her hands. "That's what I've come to tell you about..."

Caspian braced himself. "Shoot then."

----END OF PART 1----

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