Convergence Chapter 5
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Chapter Five Connor sighed as he sat down by the fire. Sween served him and David before sitting in a shadowy corner with her own supper. “Any news?” David asked.

Convergence Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Connor sighed as he sat down by the fire. Sween served him and David before sitting in a shadowy corner with her own supper. “Any news?” David asked.

“Not since… Well you know. It is a little quiet on both Dastior and Veliyian.” Connor said in a low voice, thinking only David could hear what he said.

Sween listened intently, picking up every word her father and Connor were saying. He cleared his throat.

“It’s been almost 500 years since the last time anyone came here, have you told her?” He motioned as Sween.

David shook his head.

“Any signs at all of her being like her?”

“Not much.”

“The eyes?”


Sween stood, then approached the two men. “Tell me what?” Her icy blue eyes moved from her father to Connor as they exchanged looks.

Connor looked intently at David, knowing Sween had cornered him with her question.

“Sween, I’ll tell you later. Not now.” He groaned as memories washed over him, filling his eyes. Looking at his daughter, all he could see was his dead wife looking back.

“Go on upstairs, I’ll clean up.”

She nodded, then went up the stairs to her room, beside the guest room.

Her father slept in the basement of the building, saying going up the stairs to tend to a late night customer was easier on him then down. Sween never really understood her father well.

He never told her about her mother, never told her anything besides that she looked exactly like her.

When she was in her room with her door closed, she could hear David and Connor downstairs, arguing. She tried in vain to sleep, then eventually redressed herself and went down the stairs.

“Why haven’t you told her yet? David, she’s almost an adult!” Yelled Connor, he growled as he said the last part.

“Connor, she will learn in due time.”

“Due time? Due time?! We don’t have time! The Convergence is almost here, and God knows how a half-race vampire is going to handle it without warning!”

“What do you know really, dog?” Spat David.

“More than you humans. Don’t forget, I was your wife’s friend before she married you.

She slipped through the cracks of the vortexes and I couldn’t find her ‘till a few years ago, even then, I was too late by ten years. Your daughter is what she is, not a human.”

Sween cleared her throat. “Father, what is it?” She felt her anger build up, the lies her father told her came back. Her eyes flashed a dark, blood red.

“David, she’s your child, your choices led up to this. You handle it.” Connor replied to David’s glances.

Her father sighed as he sat down. “Sween, sit down.” She sat down on a stool between the two men. “Alright, Connor, keep your big fat howler shut.

Sween, you look just like your mother…” He trailed off, thinking on how best to explain things. “Her name was Sapphire, and she was from another place called Valiyian.

It was another World, not too far from Earth, and the only way to travel here would be by a machine like Connor’s, or to slip through a tear in the Fabric.

She slipped through one of the tears and ended up here.”

He motioned with one hand around the fire-lit room. “You were still very young when she caught Scarlet Fever and died.

She had asked me not to tell you until you showed any signs of being like her… Others who slipped through to here from Valiyian were often referred to as vampires.”

Sween stared unblinkingly at her father, her eyes returned to their normal icy blue. She pressed her thin lips in a tight line, showing no expressions to anyone.

“Congratulations, Father, you’ve successfully raised a vampire who didn’t know anything at all about her own backstory.” Her voice was sarcastic, even, and low.

The rain beat harder outside, rapping the window panes and roof. She got up and went up the stairs.

David glared at Connor. “I told you, she wasn’t ready!”

“Shut up, Blackthorne. That was a lot better than I expected a young woman to handle that kind of news from her own father.” Connor snapped.

He took out a four rings, snapping the gems off to see the mechanical controls inside. “Got some needles? A wire needs to be moved.”

“Sween has them hidden somewhere. I can never find them, so go ask her.” David muttered, picking up a book from the mantle and opening it.

Connor nodded. He slowly went up the stairs, careful to avoid the creaking spots. He reached her door, then knocked softly.

“Who is it?” Sween said gently.

“Sween, may I ask you something?”

Sween opened the door. She stood in the doorway, her hands on her hips. “Alright. What is it?”

“Do you know where the needles are? I need them to fix some pieces of machinery so I can get back on my way.”

“What type of needles?”


“Can I see why you need them? I can find needles easier that way.”

Connor sighed. “Downstairs.” He said, leading the way down the stairs. He showed her the four rings on the coffee-table.

“Why do you need four?”

“In case I find people. I need to grab my other four for backup.”

“Alright.” Sween picked up the clock on the center of the mantle, opened the back, and took out a packet of needles. “Pick out the needles you need, put them back when you’re done.

” She smiled slightly as she handed them to Connor, she smiled a little less at her father, then left to her room.

As he got to work on his rings, he sighed, looking up at the stairs. David groaned. “Get that look off your face, boy.” David said. Connor made a face at him.

“What face? I only have one.”

“You know what I mean.”

“She’s something, alright.”

David laughed. “She swore she’d never marry as long as I lived, so you better be good at waiting.”

“Why’s that?” Connor chuckled.

“Says I’m too picky, and can’t stand it when I give them talks.”

Connor smiled. “I’m going to go to bed. David, my eyes’ are on someone else back home.” He grinned as he went to his room.

David stayed up for a while longer, reading and staring into the fire, deep in thoughts.

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