Falling out of love

meganong17 // Stay original.
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"I was so much in love that I didn't see he wasn't."

Falling out of love

by Megan

I always believed that we would last

that we would be together forever

that we would always have each other back

that we would always stick together no matter what

that we would always be in love with each other

then one day,

you just got up and left

you didn't call you didn't text you just...


Did our love mean nothing? Did I mean nothing?

Was I so easily forgotten? Was I not good enough? Was I not enough for you?

I guess I was too naive to believe that happily ever afters do exists I guess I was just too much in love...

to see you fall out of it.

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@FilterlessMe Aww... I hope you get through it! Stay strong. :)

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Going through something similar :(