Le Coffee Shop écrit
Le Coffee Shop écrit stories

meganmiddlemissCommunity member
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Mona is a young girl in her 20s. She has lived a life most girls in their 20s can't imagine. It will leave readers wondering what happen next?

Le Coffee Shop écrit

The smell of roasted coffee engulfed Mona's senses as she entered *"Le Coffee Shop écrit"*, which she thought was a very tedious name for a coffee shop.

The sound of various chatter rung in her ears, along with the sound of coffee machines steaming to temp.

She walked towards the counter feeling the vague memories of her mother and her flashing between reality.

“Can I help you?” The barista asked Mona’s mother. Mona’s mother looked down her face blank. She put a finger to her lips, she then opened her long raincoat and revealed a hidden bomb.

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