all that glitters. // m.r.w.
all that glitters. // m.r.w. romance stories

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all that glitters is not gold, but it won’t diminish our love.

all that glitters. // m.r.w.

all that glitters is gold.

the sparkles of rain,

or twinkling eyes.

dust particles in ash,

or sun rays of a day in summer.

not the chill of ice.

the touch of ice

doesn’t have the warmth of gold.

you can feel the fond of summer

even with humid rain,

or euphoria of cigarette ash,

or innocence from an eye.

but the wrong look in your eye

brings the nip of ice.

your charcoal ash

becomes heavy as gold.

the downpour of your rain

destroys a beautiful summer.

let’s hope for the love of summer

to reach the brims of our eyes,

and our drizzle of rain

won’t freeze to a sheet of ice.

then we’ll submerge into gold,

and brush away this ash.

you are destructive ash

emerging from the wildfire of summer.

but there are sparkles of gold

deep within your eyes.

do not succumb to the ice

hiding in the cold rain.

your rain may not shine with gold,

and your ash can hurt one’s eyes,

but there is no ice to freeze our summer.

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