That Memory So Long Ago
That Memory So Long Ago love2016 stories

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That Memory So Long Ago

by R1se_Above

Meeting him

He was my classmate, the quite one in the back.

His accomplishments

He got straight A's; and I admired him, but nobody else did

His life

The torture he went through, I didn't know what to do, except comfort him, and try to make the words and punches seem less . . . harmful

The realization

He never talked, he just stared at me, he looked at me for the first time in a different light, and a smile lit up on his face.

I began to fall for him

The more I helped him the more he and I grew closer, I think I was in love.

The heartbreak

A month before graduation, I saw him carrying his books home, I ran up and told him the one thing I have wanted to say, "I love you" he just shook his head and walked home before I could cry


I needed to know why he shook his head and ran to his house where I found him, in his room with an empty pill bottle beside him. I call the ambulance, where they rush him to the hospital


Will he survive? can I live without him? I am in love, and now I might lose that. Hours went by before I had an answer that will change the rest of my life forever.

The ending

A long time has passed since that night after his passing, I died, but now, years later I am the wife of the person who saved me and the mother of a boy; Zander, named after him, my first love

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@shana @bernardtwindwil Thank you I appreciate your comments!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Strange and powerful. This was obviously a devastating event. Your words were beautifully descriptive. The words flowed smoothly helping with the solemnity of the message.

shanaCommabassadorCommunity member
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:O :O :O woww!!