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Theres so much darkness around us eating us alive taking over our minds and we cant escape the rich laugh at the poor refusing to help them thinking their better just because they have more

There are countries at war fighting a hopeless battle for freedom that seems will never happen Our planet is slowly dying but no one really cares no one wants to change the way they are living

people fighting addicting not able to stop doing what must be done to get their next fix people being abused people fighting disease people living on the streets why cant we stop it

seems everywhere you look you will always see dark this world is full of pain that might never go away everywhere we turn we see people trying their best just to get through the day

the world is depressed and refuses to change people are dying but it's not a big deal Were killing ourselves were killing our planet but no one really cares

I guess it's ok I'm leaving anyway going to a better place where it never rains as I tighten the rope I put my head in the loop I take one last breath before I close my eyes

Instantly I feel different I'm no longer in pain I can see the clear sky as I'm floating away from up in the air I look down on the earth I see people singing I see people laughing

the happiness in their souls the joy in their eyes it's so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye I hear the birds chirping see them flying In the air I can hear some kids playing having lots of fun

The sun seems brighter the people seem happier why is it I never noticed how nice it actually was as I look at my family I see the joy disappear they all look so sad how could I do this to them

It wasnt their fault i just wanted to be free I thought I was trapped I couldn't find the key I start to feel sad seeing the world I left behind the tears dripping down my face as I float further into the sky

the world keeps getting smaller till eventually I cant see it I wish I could go back and do it all over but now its to late theres no going back I shouldve just looked harder I could've stopped so much pain

I thought no one cared I thought I was alone but now I understand that it wasn't a fight I couldve won on my own

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