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So bright on the outside So dark on the inside

So bright on the outside

So dark on the inside

People see happy

They think it's real

They have no idea

The battle inside

The monster

It controls me

Eats me alive

It thrives on my defeat

Brings down my success

It's made a home in my head

Taken over my decision

And will never go away

I must do what it wants

Or pay the price

My life is not my own

It never was

As the monster gets stronger

It becomes harder and harder

To take back my life

And do what I want

They don't understand

They never will

It never let me be free

It never let me be me

The smile on your face

It's just a mask

To hide the darkness

To hide the monster

Eating you from the inside

You hide it from others

They'll never know

When the monster finally takes over

They'll never see it coming

No one will ever know

As the outside shines so bright

But the inside so dark

And the monster burried deep inside

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