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what's your definition of normal if everyone is different

No normal

What's your definition of normal

If everyone is different

How are we suppose to know

Where to draw the line

Not one thing is the same

Not two things are alike

So than how do we know

What normal is like

The one that stands out the most

The one that's least like the other

That one must not be it

It cannot be normal

All the little differences

We can hardly see

They make us all unique

They make us who we are

But if who we are is to different

It cannot be excepted

There has to be something wrong

This person is defective

Why can we not expect it

When someone is not the same

When they do not fit the model

And think in their own way

All the little imperfections

The strangest things we do

We hide them from the world

Wanting to fit in

But the fact that we are different

Makes everyone special

Not one person is like you

No one can replace you

It's what defines the human race

Keeps the world going

All these extraordinary minds

Are needed to keep us alive

These exceptional individuals

These people who think differently

And see the world in other ways

They really aren't that different

In the end they are still human

So I guess we are the same

But we still are different

In many other ways

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