Always around but not there
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Always around but not there

I watch you from heaven

See you from the stars

I see the hard work you are doing

Just to keep going

I know you miss me

I miss you too

I wish I was there

To comfort you

All the feelings you have

Hurting your heart

Wish I could spare you

Save you from the pain

I dont want you to hurt

Dont cry forever

I am always with you

Just in a different way

I know you cant see me

But I can see you

I will always be there

When you need me around

I'll be there for you

When your not there for yourself

I will always protect you

From things that might hurt you

When you think of me

You should be happy

All the things we did

All the fun we had

These memories will be

Forever in your head

Look back on them often

When you feel sad

I know you want me back

But I'm in a better place

You should know

That I am no longer in pain

I am proud of the life

You have built for yourself

And the person you've become

Everyday you are improving

Changing the world

Becoming a better you

And doing the best you can

So when you feel sad

I want you to know

That I am still there

To help you out

In anyway that I can

Know you are always worth it

Know you can do anything

Because with me by your side

Theres nothing you cant accomplish

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