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meemo Pen to paper, my soul pours on the page
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Who am I? I don't know this girl - I don't think she knows either.

Who Am I

Nothing is wrong

But nothing is right

Everything is dark

But everything is light

Yin and yang, light and dark,

But which is which?

I feel like my brain

Flipped a hidden switch

My soul and brain collide

Fighting to make a personality

Destroying the one already there

The one that I considered me.

If I change, even a bit,

Would I be the same?

Would it be for the best

Or leave me less than sane?

Are my dreams goals

Or are my goals dreams;

Maybe everything I think

is not as simple as it seems

A change is indeed here

I don’t know where it grew

Or even how much is gone

But I liked the parts that flew

It’s natural, it’s unavoidable

But I didn’t want this

I was comfortable and myself

Now I feel unsure and something’s amiss

If I can go back to how I was

I think I’d go; she was a believer

Because I don’t know this girl

And I don’t think she does either

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