When Words Fail
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Sometimes words don't get my messages across clearly. The way I speak sometimes confuses my listeners. I want what I say to make sense, so I sometimes have to try again. Did that make sense?

When Words Fail

Speaking out is already a struggle,

finding words can be utterly a puzzle.

But when I say what I mean,

I might not mean what I say,

as it comes out not quite the right way.

Words can be slippery, fickle things

that fly around on wet watery wings.

They float one way for me,

but to you they might not,

and then my thinking is all for naught.

My style with words may not be the norm,

but maybe I don't really want to conform.

I know there are helpful rules,

and they make sense, it's true,

but sometimes meaning just doesn't come through.

So when words fail to convey for me,

and my message drowns in a rambling sea,

I'll pause, then start and try again,

I'll work and find a different array,

because I want you to understand what I say.

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