Angels Walk Among Us
Angels Walk Among Us au-2018 stories

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Angels walk among us. No, not in the way we think.

Angels Walk Among Us

Angels walk among us.

No, without the pure white robe and the blinding feathered wings.

No glittering gold halo and no other-worldly things.

Angels walk among us.

In the ordinary daily world, hiding in plain old sight.

Amid the bustle and hustle, struggling to stay in the light.

Angels walk among us.

Gazing about with wide eyes and hopeful daydreaming minds.

Searching for a cause, a mission, anything with aid in kinds.

Angles walk among us.

Their marks are hidden from the sun, though some are seen with pride or shame.

They fought for them in different battles but all show bravery and strength the same.

Angels walk among us.

They bleed red blood like me. They taste hot, salty tears.

They feel anger, joy, and pain. They are stricken by their fears.

Angels walk among us.

Not in a flashy, boastful way. In fact, you or I can be one.

By helping and caring for others, the glow shows in deeds done.

Angels walk among us.

So look carefully at those you meet or pass by,

because any small act shows there's more than meets the eye.

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