To Live Within A Glass House
To Live Within A Glass House cuts stories

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A house is far different from a home, and escaping is never as easy.

To Live Within A Glass House

Be careful when living in a glass house

One careless step sends it crashing down

You must learn to tiptoe and be silent as a mouse

For one mistake will cause it to break and hurt anybody around

Emotions must be wrapped in gauze

They splinter and scratch so you must hold them back

Put on a buffer to hide the bad feelings because

The real ones will make the house crack

It's hard to live within walls of glass

You must never do anything rough

The house is so fragile a touch sends it shattering into the grass

No amount of caution is ever enough

You can't make a home when surrounded by glass

It's too dangerous living inside

You'll always be rebuilding the walls with tape

Which is temporary but can cover the flaws

I am living in a house of glass

It's not anything like it seems

The tape hides the evidence of any breaks in the past

But your arms hold the truth of past fractures that caused you to split at the seams

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