Captured by: Sussloaf(\_/)
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Elizabeth has some odd dreams that begin to stir up trouble.Elizabeth goes missing and Elizabeth's brother Ash has to find a way to get her back.

Captured by: Sussloaf(\_/)

Chapter 1: Elizabeth's POV I walked to school with Ash by my side. We're giggling about a funny joke. Ash jams his elbow into my right side, I cough as it was unexpected. I shift the weight of my books to my left side and hip-bump him. "Hottie alert!" Ash mumbles as Zane Willis walks by, Ash fans his face. I then realize he doesn't have his books or book bag," ASH!" I stop walking and Ash's attention unwantingly averts from Zane to me in a second. " You forgot your bag!" I groan seeing the school building a few blocks ahead. "We can't turn now, we'll be late!" Ash bats his brown eyes innocently. "I forgot my homework too, will you help me?" I roll my eyes and pull out multiple sheets of paper. "Lucky I made doubles." i grunt. I know my brother too well. He flicks my chocolate brown hair as he takes the homework. I roll my eyes and continue my walk to school.

Chapter 2 "Elizabeth!" I jerk awake as Mr. Brunner calls my name. Shit! I fell asleep again! I turn to see Ash looking at me, worried I can tell."heh...yeah?" I laugh nervously. I end up in the principles office. Hoping they don't tell my new family the Mc' Clouds. I take a deep breath and avert my eyes to my lap when I hear the principle walk in. "So Ms Mc' Cloud..." my stomach flips at my new name. " fell asleep again, huh.'' ''y-y-yes, sir. '' I stutter. The principle's face softens at my anxiety. ''Listen, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just concerned.'' I look up. ''We'll ask nursing if there's anything we can do to make sure you get a full nights rest.'' ''That's OK, I'm fine.'' he looks up but I'm already half-way out the door. I'm so sick of these nightmares keeping me awake. I close my eyes and uneasily walk to lunch.

Chapter 3: Ash's POV I look at Eliza worriedly, I know she's been having nightmares lately and it's really starting to worry me. I take the homework she did for me and am surprised at how well she can mock my handwriting. I turn it in, feeling guilty that she had to do it for me but also wanting to laugh that she knew me so well. Eliza's been my sister for two years after her mom disappeared.Her father left before Eliza was born and her mom had lost all memory of Eliza's father due to the pain of losing him. Eliza and I have been friends since we were three and of course my family just had to adopt her. The bell rings for lunch and I see the guy Eliza likes. I roll my eyes of course she likes him all girls like him. I smirk and walk to lunch.

Chapter 4: I sit next to Eliza and have to laugh because she's asleep. I looked at the pizza in disgust. I pick up the pizza and take three bites. I can't continue eating so I put my pizza in Eliza's mouth. After a minute Eliza jerks awake. ''Huh, what?" she asks with nasty pizza in her mouth. I roll my eyes,''You're finally awake Sleeping Ugly." I tease. She spits the pizza out and scrapes her tongue with her teeth at the nasty taste. She still hasn't registered what I said. ''Yeah, yeah. What'd I miss?'' "Travis proposed'' "What!? "You missed nothing it's only lunch!" I say. Liz deflates, disappointed, ''oh.'' I roll my eyes and watch Zane as he walks in the cafeteria. Liz starts talking and I just nod at whatever she says too entranced by those biceps.

Chapter 5: Eliza's POV I look at Ash's face following his eyes to Zane's arms. I roll my eyes and slap Ash's face with his pizza. "OH SHIT!" Ash shouts in alarm. I laugh at him. Everybody turns their heads towards him. Ash frantically wiping pizza off his face , he then takes out his phone and waves it,''Oh shit, Beyonce just gave birth?" ha says awkwardly. Everybody looks away conversations picking up again. Ash glares at me and I shrug trying not to laugh. As Ash glares at me and I laugh at his tomato stained face a boy no one recognizes walks in the cafeteria. I blush,"He's cute..." I say unconsciously. Ash looks at me in surprise,''wha...?'' I blush deeper suddenly forgetting about Travis. ''Have you gotten over your six year crush?" Ash asks raising an eyebrow,"SOMEONES GOTTEN OVER THEIR SIX YEAR CRUSH!!! YEAR CRUSH!!!!!" Ash take my hand and throws it in the air, being overly dramatic as usual. ''Shut UP'' I hiss covering my beet red face. Ash notices and sits down letting go of my hand. ''But did you really get over Travis? You've liked him since you were eleven!'' ''No! I don't even know that guy!'' I blush and glare at Ash. Ash flushes feeling bad.''Well if you still like Travis-" Ash gets cut off by a clatter of a tray hitting a table. Ash turns around shocked when he sees who it was. Ash turns red and looks at me, excitement in his eyes. I know he wants me to move.,''Uh...I don't fell to good.'' I sit down at an empty table and pull a book out to read, waiting for Ash. Someone sits next to me with a slam of a tray. I don't really care who it is so I just say, ''Hi.'' without looking away from my book. ''Hi, my name's Tim.'' I don't recognize the name or voice so I look up surprised to see the guy I was talking about. He smiles at me and I try to smile back.

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