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meamkween haha I have no regrets
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A boy saves a girl from herself.

One day

I looked out and saw the sky

Backdropped against the city

And I wasn’t in a very good place

I stood at the edge of the roof


To jump or not to jump?

I sat down on the ledge for awhile

I sort of just looked out as the sky transformed

And I could feel myself melting into the colours and the wind

Then, some bumbling idiot stumbled up the stairs

Clearly running, but very badly.

The sky was a blanket of ebony, with small patches of light shining through.

You were catching your breath, and didn’t even notice me.

For a few moments I was actually quite angry that someone had come up here.

“Hey.” I startled you, very visibly you flinched.

“Hey,” you seemed very timid, and scared.

You came over and sat with me, and we stayed like that in silence for awhile.

We swapped stories

And gave each other advice

But I’ll never forget the day that you saved me.

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