Living with the Skelebros *Undertale Love Story*
Living with the Skelebros *Undertale Love Story* stories

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When a human that turns into a Skeleton lives with some friends, even Sans can't ignore her beauty. Will he confess or will he lose the one he loves dear? Read to find out.

Living with the Skelebros *Undertale Love Story*

By:Meadow Le Potato

Orchid’s P.O.V

I bolted up from my bed as I heard someone banging on the door.

Who the heck could be that at this time of day? I dragged my currently lifeless body to the stairs to see that Papy's is already at the door.

I quietly walked down the stairs and dropped myself on the comfortable couch and fell right back to sleep. Man living with the Skelebros sure is something.

Sans P.O.V

Who the heck was that banging on the door? I could check it out later buttttttttttttt papys going to be mad at me soo what the heck . I put on my clothes quickly and left my room.

I didn’t close my door loudly because Orchid is still asleep, plus she’d kill me. It’s weird how just a few weeks ago she was a human. I went downstairs to see papys at the door already.

Being the lazy bum I am, I teleport downstairs. I heard papys open the door and it was Undye that was banging on the door so frickin loudly. I’m surprised she didn’t wake up Orchid.

‘Hey Papyrus! Are you ready?’ Undye said a bit too loudly. ‘Yes but, you don’t have to be so loud undye.

Orchid’s trying to sleep, and you know how grumpy she is when she doesn’t get her sleep!’ Papys spoke in a yelling but whispering way.

Well at least I’m not the only one that doesn’t want Orchid to murder someone. Suddenly I felt someone wrap both of their arms around my bony neck.

I looked back to see a bored but sleepy Orchid. 'Morning Sunshine' I said using a nickname she hates the most. She rolled her eyes in annoyance in her eyes that secretly sparked with excitement.

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