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Ode to someone whom I've known on and off in fleeting but precious moments scattered across the past few years. He will probably never know I wrote this, or how elated and thankful I am that we've been able to connect at all. What few and far-between interactions we've had are already so much more than I ever thought possible, and I'm still amazed that they happened. ❤️💘

There was a moment of eyes meeting each other, one of the greatest gifts I have ever received: a moment of being "seen", kissed wholly by a gaze which is still staring back at me from within just as electrifying, enthralling, unrelenting, utterly terrifying, and hopelessly, beautifully loving as on that day, now almost three years ago. <3


regarding the moon like a question i hesitate to ask, cloudless eyes flutter open.

my heart falls and falls, tumbling around a memory of the gentlest gaze

knotting butterflies around pale wrists, crossed anxiously between desire and revelation.

what was it? that look in your eyes which unlayered, melting through nakedness to paint me the bluest smile?

why is it that i still dissolve after years? soaring beyond joy, trembling beyond fear, imploding blissfully into aquamarines:

"the indescribable embrace of moonbeams, held delicately, as though i were a question you hesitated to ask?"

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