Plato's Cave (An Apartment on Zborovská)
Plato's Cave (An Apartment on Zborovská) evening stories

mdelleviolette Not heartless yet.
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Thoughts I had while observing the light darken on my bedroom walls last February. Special thanks to Alfred Lord Tennyson! 🌹

Plato's Cave (An Apartment on Zborovská)

Blank walls.

Behind me the city happens in whitenoise and progressive greyscale.

"'Tis but a day" bustling away, sliding down the gradient of hours, flipping listlessly through the chapters of daylight,

Settling at last in two orange rectangles on the wall opposite my bed: a glowing proof, a sign of life.

Of someone's life, humming away frame by frame, through lace curtains in antique windowpanes, around half-eaten dinners and paper-strewn desks.

Ah, yes.

Yes, it's a curious thing to observe: the slow close of day in shadowplay flitting across the bedroom wall. For "I am half-sick of shadows"...

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