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A bitter note is sweetened, and a journey concludes.

The tracks have irrevocably shifted; a gate clangs shut behind, and I sit stunned by the silence of the inevitable. It's music to my ears, though a dull pang rings like a rusted bell in my heart, as if I'd awakened too soon from a dream...


A perfect circle: a greeting, a farewell. Your footsteps roll down my cheeks, stinging waves and honey, as the Vastness stretches out before me with a promise of the Great North.

My sweetest Companion, here's to listening for birds in the deafening void of your wake, as every last trace disappears with you dissolving into new seasons of Yourself.

It was but a little while, in the blink of an eye, that such lifetimes passed us by.

Or was it any, at all?

I do not think of Time when the forest whispers

dreams of you still, haunting the shadows; while I'm hunting still the stories in your eyes, fast-fading, stretching out before me with promises of crystal tides.

Here's listening for birds, though not a voice adorns the night to soften the bitterness of this longer and longering, lingering...

And I couldn't bear if nothing else remains of you, though memories all grow sweeter with Time.

So I bide slowly over clear air, parched for something I cannot see, and devour each breath stuffing my hollow chest with resignation for a leaden tomorrow.

And perhaps one day, when the shell-shocked summers have paraded by, and pensive winters subsided, we'll return someplace we've never been; I will taste your long-lost essence on the wind tumbling in circles: a greeting, a farewell.

All that's to be has been.

And the world of my knowing will rejoice at this journey's end, where the promises of our Selves lie dreaming beneath the Rainbow.

Love, how the memories grow sweeter with Time!

How tenderly these years have passed us by!

How real You are in all You can be, and Me!

How we've changed yet not at all: embracing, two children by the sea,

arms wide and smiling upon Infinity.

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