A Mighty Lioness
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mcghosty Just a kid who likes writing stuff
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Short little story that I wrote up about letting go. Credits to @Debadityadutta for the general idea.

A Mighty Lioness

What is it?

A wall?

A wall? A monster?

A wall? A monster? No, it is a wave.

A wave of horrors rolling toward my shore.

Fear incarnate.

Ready to consume all in its path.

To destroy.

To destroy. To eat.

Until all that's left is a screaming skeleton,

A relic of pain.

I step back, scared.

I have fought it off hundreds of times before.

The hyenas.

The hyenas. The vultures.

The hyenas. The vultures. The other lions.

Thirst and hunger.

But this was different

And as its shadow loomed over me

Eclipsing the sun

Washing away all hope.

I realized that I was not scared of it.

I have fought it off hundreds of times before.

The realization stepped out from under me.

A child. My child.

My cub stomped out proudly from beneath my legs.

I was scared.

Not for myself,

But for him.

I have to protect my child.

It is my duty as a mother.

I turned toward him,

I turned toward him, Back toward the darkness.

He is a child,

He is a child, This fight is my own,

He must not fight it himself

For himself.

He stared back at me

As I am consumed in the wave

As I am consumed in the wave Of liquid malice.

He's a child

Yet he defiantly stands

Ready to go through me too.

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