The Boy
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In the fourth grade, I met an outcast that everyone else hated and called annoying.

Because of him, I’ve already met the love of my life. Some people never do.

The Boy

Dearest Hector, within my heart, your laugh was a work of art.

You tried to kiss my cheek, your smile so sweet, a dream is what you seemed.

Dearest Hector, we danced and swam, you passionately holding my hand.

We ran and laughed, time cut in half, through the sand and the grass.

Dearest Hector, I saw you again, my handsome and kind and loving friend.

The tears in your eyes, to my surprise, you were in a wheelchair, with your brown glare.

I'll never forget you, I don't want to, I miss you, I miss what we used to do.

Dearest Hector, I love you so, your memory will never go.

Dearest Hector, when will you see, you were always a part of me?

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