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Time moved beyond our reach, Memories, moments all to teach


Time moved beyond our reach...

Memories, moments all to teach.

Be the meaning of love... ... lost but not forgotten.

Sometimes, I just rewind the times we shared in my mind.

Only to find, the memories that I call mine are more a reflection of the imperfections of myself.

Putting you on a shelf, a pedestal which in turn made me feel minuscule. Like a fool.

The fearful fate of losing that embrace caused my heart to race.

But it wasn't infatuation or loving sensation- it was a mere fear of the situation and realization that what was once loved and lost can actually be loved again.

That this stubborn heart of mine can mend, as I slowly comprehend that this isn't the end.

I don't have to settle for less and I can now attest, to the feeling of renewal and the unburdened removal-

-of doubt that was once a shout in my mind every day and every time your path crossed mine.

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