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mayankkumarranaKeep calm . And fall in love.
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Than they never met again

Standing in front of her house,waiting to pass on the final Goodbye!!!He made up this mind that he will not carry this burden with him and he stopped turned around and said listen.

She in her soft voice said "Ya tell me".He looked into his eyes and noticed that her roommates were out in the balcony but he continued "I am sorry".For What?? She asked.

"For falling in love with you I don't know how it happened why it happened but it happened and it was beyond my control.I cannot take this feeling with me to a new city.

I will wait for you not for a lifetime because tat won't be possible and practical, but at least till my parents did't find there dream girl for me.(smiles)

We might never meet again So Thank you so much for all the love and care.It was wonderful to have you by my side.

Good bye!!!"

and he turned around and walked away without looking back as he knew the love and care in those eyes will melt him and they will bring back the feelings that he just tried to get off.

He can feel that she is still standing there looking towards him as continued to move towards the dark and finally vanished and than they never met again.

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