Writing Prompt #02
Writing Prompt #02 stories

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Here’s another Prompt. #02
I don’t love this one myself, but let me know what you think, because I’ve just started to attempt to make these. Thanks :)

Writing Prompt #02

A man was cruising along in his worn-down truck down a dirt road in the middle of a desert. Suddenly, his radio cut off.

He tried fiddling with the buttons, but nothing worked. Then, his truck stopped completely.

He tried to start it back up again, but nothing would work.

He sighed, and opened the front of his truck to look at the engine. Dust clouded around him and he tried to cover his face with his shirt, rushing to get back into cover in the truck.

He was stranded. So, he did what anyone would do in the 21st century and tried to pick up his phone and call someone. It was dead.

The man leaned his head back on the seat and saw something terrifying out of the corner of his eye.

A big, whirling tornado was coming his way. He tried to start the truck again, desperate to escape the chaos. Then, he looked over and saw a ginormous tsunami.

“What the-“

The two weather formations were racing for each other, and would be colliding at any second.

He didn’t know of anything else to do, so he got out of his truck and started running back down the dirt road.

When he almost couldn’t run anymore, he looked behind him and saw that the giant mass of chaos had almost reached him. He screamed as he was engulfed.

Then, he woke up, on a cold metal table, absolutely soaked in sweat, surrounded by people in white lab coats.

“Hey, guys he’s awake.” One of them said.

One of the men put his hands on both of his shoulders, “(name), (name), hey it’s okay. You were just put into a simulation. It’s alright. Breathe.”

“A-a simulation?” He asked, “Where even am I? Who are you people?”

The men looked back and forth at each other.

The same, older man that helped him came forward, “(name)... you’ve been in testing for the last few months.”

He barely came out with his question, “Testing?”

Another scientist with short brown hair put his hands in his face and said, “Oh god, here we go again.”

The older man glared at the other scientist, and went back to (name).

“Testing... for what?” (Name) asked.

“Well, we suspect you have superhuman abilities, and, we’re here to figure out why,” The man said, “So, I’m gonna need you to hold still for a moment.”

Another scientist handed the man a needle that had a green liquid inside of it. (name) saw it and tried to get up, but metal restraints were snapped over his body. The man injected the liquid.

(Name) screamed and everything went black.

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