The Solitary Man
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maxineerasmus South African
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He is a solitary man Yet he is void of solitude...

The Solitary Man

He is a solitary man

Yet he is void of solitude

We are drawn to his energy

We consume every bit of him in our selfish hunger

Afraid that his brilliance will soar away from us

His golden, beetle wings glisten in the summer sun

Heavy is the jewel on his charcoal-burnt back

He is drained

Yet we drown him in affection

He gasps for air

Whilst still sacrificing more

More of his time

More of his energy

More of his mind

He humbly dines

On the scraps of time

Left at the end of our feast

He sees the goodness and vibrancy in others

But doesn’t see it in himself

He doesn’t see the radiance in his smile

He tries to capture the glow

That we have come to know

But the photo never shows what we see

And he never feels what we feel

He is a solitary man

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