Beth Walten's Diary Page 4

Beth Walten's Diary Page 4 horror stories

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The final page of The Craft: Soda Pop prequel. I hope you pals enjoy this story. Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth Walten's Diary Page 4

Today I woke up with a lot of encouragement and at the same time without any.

Yes, today is my birthday, Miss Pearl sent me a message, that I have to arrive a little earlier because she has prepared me a cake with the help of her kitchen employees.

I'm really excited about that. Just a small detail, my father has forgotten my birthday again, how is it that it does not surprise me? I guess I'll try to put my best smile on the job today.

New entry.

I have arrived, Miss Pearl is waiting for me in the party room, she has prepared me a great cake, I have sat down and tasted a large piece of it. White chocolate, my favorite.

As a gift he has given me a box with a doll of an animatronic, it is cute.

I have returned to my job, I have placed the doll on my desk, Miss Pearl beckons me to go to the VIP room, I think it is one more surprise, I will go. I love my job.

New entry.

I have crawled from the VIP room to my office, I have barred the door with the chair, one of the animatronics has hit my right leg very hard with a knife, I think I can still stand up,

here is a rusty pipe I will tear it off to Trying to defend myself, the silence that reigns now causes me a lot of fear.

New entry

There's a sound I haven't heard before, I'll take a quick look

New entry

The old animatronics have returned, one of them tried to drag me to the parts and services room but I destroyed them with the pipe, they hit me, they hit me very hard on my head, I'm fainting.

When I was a little girl i never did go near 'Cuz I know just what I saw!

Yet on a day of joy

My life ended to their flaws!

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