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matty825 I love writing with all my heart
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This writing piece came to mind after reading Romans from the Bible.

Purpose Driven

Thank you Lord for all these blessings, trials, opportunities, and of course your grace.

For nothing that dwells from self is kind or righteous, but everything fruitful in me comes from the Father.

How mighty and awesome is God for the works that can be carried out in all of us because of the Lord. God is a God of love, grace, wrath, and truth. He is the beginning and the end.

His timing and plans are so holy and made to perfection that we can’t even comprehend his grace and wisdom fully.

You ask who I am. Well I am a sinner who without Jesus is nothing and has nothing.

For struggles are made into blessings because God shows and builds endurance within us even though we aren’t deserving of it. That’s how awesome God is.

No matter what the world wants you to be or others think of you just shoot towards your relationship with Christ and I can guarantee you a life filled of purpose but also with lots of suffering.

For if we stand for Christ then we must also be willing to suffer for Christ as well.

Thank you Lord for all these individuals and tools that have helped transformed me because you were the root in all of it from the beginning.

I’m so deeply excited to see what God has called for me and all of you in life. Cherish each new day of life and give thanks to the one who made all things possible.

Seek opportunity and humble yourself every single day.

I feel such a new sense of belonging and peace because of Jesus that I know now so clearly that my heart has been transformed into something only God could have done.

He’s not done with me or you yet though for as long as you stand on earth’s soil. God still has so much for you.

Don’t worry about the future or if you will ever be good enough for that specific calling.

Just give God your heart daily through and in his time by grace he will show you the path to becoming a true believer in Christ. Amen!

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