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This was yet another creative writing assignment (I sort of like to keep things consistent for the most part, continue a character's story or give a little more information). This was a story roulette assignment, I chose four numbers, each represented a random setting, character, time, and plot. I got a college dropout on a rooftop in NY around the time of sunset, and something has been lost. Hope you guys enjoy

Turn Your Thinking About

What has my life come to? I’m a college dropout, I’ve lost the support of whatever family I have left and friends, all because I couldn’t afford tuition.

I don’t even understand why anyone won’t help me out a bit like there isn’t anything reason I can think of as to why they’ve abandoned me.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York… with no income, no one wants to hire a dropout.

Maybe I should have listened to everyone, they always said things would be okay if I just stayed in Kurain… with Maya.

I need to just go outside to think… but I’m not in the mood to get randomly mugged, I guess there’s the roof.

The rooftop of my building has such a beautiful view, not sure I’ve never come up here before.

The sun seems to be setting… such a wonderful marvel to behold, I feel the urge to walk towards it.

I don’t know what came over me, but I was walking towards the setting sun, reaching out, trying to grab it, I couldn’t control myself.

Next thing I knew I was near the edge, but the sun was within reach. Just. One. More. Step.

“Mia.” A voice called out.

“What was that?” I looked around but saw no one nearby… what could’ve called out my name? I don’t talk to anyone in my building so it’s not them.

My focus soon shifted back towards the sun. Just. One. More. Step.

“MIA.” The voice called out even louder.

Okay… either I’m crazy, or someone is trying to talk to me.

“To find the item long lost, turn your thinking about.” The voice said.

“Item I’ve… lost? What could I have lo--. My magatama!” I run away from the edge back into my apartment and begin to frantically look for it.

This magatama is my last connection to Kurain, my only memory of her.

“Turn your thinking, don’t think where you lost it, think of where it should be.” The voice spoke out again.

“Where it should be? Well, I used to always wear my magatama as a necklace… wait a second.

” I go into my room and take everything off the bookshelf until I find this old, wooden jewelry box my mother gifted me before she… went missing.

I open the jewelry box and there it is, the magatama I’ve lost for so long now is finally found.

“Never give up hope my child, getting lost is just the way of life, but whether we get back on track and find your way will be what makes you different, what makes you special.

” The voice said, her voice fading but still seems… familiar.

“Who are you?” I call out.

“If you want to know the truth, keep following the path you desire, only then will you find the answers you’re looking for.”

I begin to think about it, there’s only one person who would know about the magatama and where to find it. “Mom?”

“Know that no matter what happens or what you find out, I will always be by your side… until the very end.” Her voice fades out, even more, she’s almost gone.

“I will always love you… protect Maya.”

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