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matthewdonato Writing for the sake of writing...
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This a story I wrote for my collage assignment in my creative writing class, we all had the chance to choose a collage to write about. I found one thing in particular in one collage, a quote. "Some follow tradition, some outrun it." This is what I wrote just from that quote, and I hope you enjoy

The Fey Tradition

My name is Maya Fey, I am a spirit medium in training at the Fey Manor in a little village known as Kurain Village.

I’ve been training to become a full-fledged spirit medium since I was little, and they all say that I am very powerful for someone my age.

Honestly, though, I don’t really think I’m all that, I still haven’t been able to properly channel a spirit.

Now all of a sudden, I’m expected to be the high priestess of the village… that spot used to be for my sister, Mia, but now that she’s gone… she can no longer assume the role,

and it’s now left to me to fill in those shoes.

The thing is though, for the past few months, I have not really been focusing on my training, it was after my sister died… well, when she was murdered.

I was supposed to meet her for dinner and she wanted me to hold onto some evidence, Mia was a defense attorney after she left the village some time ago, but when I arrived at her office,

I walk in to find her sitting on the floor, dead.

Since I was the first one at the scene, I was the prime suspect of it, that was until Mia’s lackey, Phoenix Wright, came to rescue and defended me in court and got me a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

After that, I sort of felt like I need to stick by him, the person Mia spent most of her time with, the one who saved me.

Ever since joining up with Phoenix, I’ve actually done a little better with my channeling for some reason… whenever we get into a very tight situation, I’m just able to channel my sister, Mia,

to help us out of it. One day, I was feeling as if I just abandoned my tradition, I feel like I left my family behind, but Phoenix told me something that I will never forget.

“Some follow tradition, some outrun it. You are just approaching your tradition from a different angle, gathering new insight, finding things out on your own.”

This is something I always refer to whenever I feel like I am not doing what I should.

Phoenix is someone who deeply cares for me and is very supportive of any decision I decide to make in my life… albeit it mostly involves food and fooling around.

I always remember that, and it never fails to make me feel better about what I’m doing.

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