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I think this is just something everyone can relate to... like, come on


“I’m hungry!” I groan to a friend.

“Listen, Blake, quit your moaning, we just walked inside, just go into the pantry and grab some ramen.” The friend retorts.

“I could do that, oooor I can change into my onesie and we can watch a whole bunch of Netflix and watch all our favorite characters die.”

“You’re talking about Supernatural or Game of Thrones?”

“Does it really matter at this point?”

“You got a good point there… I’m gonna raid your pantry, brb.”

“Did Tina Lockeheart, the English tutor who is pursuing a degree in Linguistics, just say ‘brb’?” I hold in a laugh.

“Don’t judge me, we aren’t in school, I can use all the improper grammar all I want.” Tina snaps back. She makes her way to the kitchen when all of sudden you hear a thud.

“You alright?” I call out.

“Uh… yeah, just… fell up the stairs.” She sighs.

“Wait… what? How the he--” I cut myself off and paused. “What?!”

“You know how you accidentally miss a step or try to walk up another imaginary stair that you swear is real?” She asks from the dining room.

I’m honestly very disappointed… and it’s not even directed towards her, it’s because I literally have done the same exact thing.

“Also why is it that I am the one getting food when you are the one who complained they were hungry?”

“Why you asking me? You’re the one getting the food!”

“Touché Blake, touché.” Tina shrugs then let out a little laugh. “Remember that time you skipped lunch and you complaining about how hungry you were for the rest of the day.”

“Not this again… this was last year, why do you always have to bring it up?”

“Because after school, when we went to McDonald's and you were hell-bent of getting some ice cream and nothing else, not even some fries… and their machine was broken… again.

” Tina literally falls to the floor laughing.

“I don’t understand how their ice cream machine can always be broken? Like it makes not one bit of sense.”

“I guess they just don’t like you… anyways, do you want some ramen?”

“Is that even a question?” Blake snorts. Tina opens the pantry and searches through it.

“I got good news and bad news… actually two pieces of bad news.” Tina mentions while leaning on a railing in the dining room that looms over the living room.

“Uuuugh, sandwich it.”

“Well, you’re out of ramen.”

“Come on!!” I scream.

“You’re uncle Mike left you some money… buuut.”

“But what?”

“It’s because he ate your leftovers.”

“I swear to god, I had my name on it, a note saying don’t eat it unless it has been in the fridge for two or more days, and I wasn’t even close to finishing.

“Sorry dude.”

“I’m going to bed… I don’t think I can take much more disappointment.”

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