Cinder Fall and Her Ordeal
Cinder Fall and Her Ordeal stories

matthewdonato Writing for the sake of writing...
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Shocker, yet another creative writing assignment. We were given the task of writing some sci-fi/pulp fiction. This is my... let's just say, interesting attempt at this.

Cinder Fall and Her Ordeal

I’ve been stuck on this god-forsaken planet with whatever is left of my crew for a month now.

We are starting to run out of supplies, we may need to venture out soon, and who knows what is on this planet.

This wasn’t in the plan at all, but we still don’t know whatever happened with the Aurora.

We were supposed to attend a peace summit in the Artemis Gama cluster, but it seems we crashed somewhere in the Sylsalto cluster, most likely the unexplored planet 4546B,

a plant infamous for being entirely water. With the Aurora gone, communications are down, and I’m cramped in a life pod with my last two crewmates, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black.

Emerald is a sweet girl, don’t let her appearance fool you, she’s a master thief who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Then there’s Mercury… he’s an assassin who I was to convince to come with me.

The only way the Aurora could’ve been destroyed is by being shot down, but by what? By whom? What is there on the planet with enough firepower to destroy the Aurora?

Doesn’t matter now, we need to venture out, we need food, we need answers.

We have no idea what is out there, all we know is that there is something big out there, it’s roar echoes throughout the days, thankfully it sounds far.

“Emerald, go scan the surroundings, see if there is any form of dry land, no matter how small,” I order.

“Yes, Ms. Fall.” Emerald nods and goes through the roof hatch.

“Well, what do you see?” Mercury asks.

“They weren’t kidding when they said 4546B was an underwater planet.” Emerald gasps.

“I see, Mercury, use the fabricator and make some radiation suits, there is a high chance if we get too close to the Aurora we may experience some radiation,” I say.

“Right.” Mercury turns on the fabricator and tries to make a radiation suit, but there seems to be a problem. “Seems we are not able to make one, all we can make are still suits.”

“Maybe we can find the data box for it in one of the other life pods, then we can transfer it to our fabricator.”

“Funny story… I broke it.” Mercury laughs.

“Get the repair tool from the storage container.” I sigh. “You think after the fifth time you’d know to grab the repair tool.”

“Well sorry.” Mercury retorts sarcastically.

“Can you check the materials we have so we can see how many radiation suits we can make?” Emerald looks into the supply crate and looks at the materials.

“Looks like we have enough for two radiation suits.” Emerald calls out.

“Looks like one of you will have to stay behind and try to fix communications,” I command.

“I’ll do it, I guess, these legs don’t necessarily work well in water.” Mercury offers. Mercury growing up was being trained by his father, Marcus Black, in the ways of being an assassin.

During his final training activity, killing his own father, he legs were broken beyond repair, so now he opts to wear prosthetic legs, and not the usual pylon,

these are tungsten metal prosthetics… basically, he would sink immediately and possibly rust up and die by drowning.

“Alright, then Em and I will be back as soon as possible with some materials and food,” I say. “You have your weapons, right?”

“Always do.” Emerald nods.

“Is Kusarigama sharpened?” I sneer. “Remember what happened last time.”

“Yes, Ms. Fall, we won’t have a repeat of last time.”

“Very well, let’s head out.” We both leave through the ceiling latch and scan our surroundings one last time.

“Let’s just make a quick run through the area, and if we must venture out then we must.

We dive into the water and what we saw was breathtaking, and entire world under water, the ecosystem is thriving, such diversity in the flora and fauna.

They begin to scour for food and resources while Mercury makes a surprising discovery.

“Come on thing, work already!” Mercury complains as he places all the wiring back in place. After he connects another set of wires, everything begins to whir.

Mercury jumps back and the communications relay begins to play a message.

It sounds almost synthetic, but at the same time organic if that makes any sense. It almost sounds like an engine whirring, “Nine new biological subjects designated.

Mode switch: hunting/analyzing. Sharing subject locations with other agents.” The message has Mercury chills down his spine.

He uses the communication relay to talk to Emerald and I, sadly we can’t have any out-of-plant communications.

“Emerald! Cinder! This is bad!” Mercury cries out. It took Em and I a bit by surprise that local comms were back up.

“What is it Merc?” Emerald asks.

“It seems we are definitely not alone on this planet, we are being hunted!”

“What? By whom?” I ask almost in shock.

We’ve gotten quite a distance away from the life pod, almost near the crash site, we keep hearing some type of roar, but it still sounds far away enough where we don’t have to worry.

“I don’t know, but it’s also hunting down the other survivors too.”

“That must have been what tore a hole in that one life pod… but something that big? With that much strength? We need to get back quick.” I command.

Em and I begin to make our way back when it feels like a strong current pushes us forward.

All I hear is Emerald gasp when the deafening roar of a leviathan class creature bursts through my eardrums.

This creature possesses a long, slim, muscularly built body with four caudal fins and two pectoral fins.

It also has two dorsal fins running along the length of its entire body, and two ventral fins taking a small portion of its belly. Most of its fins, along with its back, are red in color.

Its head features a large mouth, as well as two pairs of eyes with grey sclera and dark green irises.

It has two maroon mandibles on each side of its face which slowly get darker, tipped with black claws, four in total.

Multiple scars can be seen on the body, particularly around the facial area, and the bluish-white skin appears similar in texture to human skin.

“Mercury! We are under attack by the creature we hear in the night!” I yell out. “I need you to research anything you can find about it.”

“I’ll try, just be careful!” Mercury begins to go through some data, trying to find information on the creatures of this planet, especially aggressive.

I take out my weapons, a pair of blades which combine to form a bow. It is stated to be made of glass, and it seems to be created using a bright orange material.

With its dark, charcoal-like color, the weapon has a resemblance to obsidian, which is black volcanic glass.

The blades I use are similar to a European seax or a Moorish scimitar, while Emerald’s weapons are a pair of convertible revolver-sickles with jungle-green grips,

each stored inside their own separate leather casings on a belt wrapped around Emerald's waist. We avoid the colossal creature as best we can, but it is surprisingly fast for its size.

I try shooting it with my arrows, but it doesn’t seem to be able to pierce its skin, neither can Emerald’s blades.

“We need to retreat, we can’t kill this thing!” I call to Emerald.

“Retreat is your best option, this thing isn’t easily killed, but it does stay in its respective region.

Apparently, it’s called a Reaper Leviathan, it is found some mountains and dunes, it’s also not very bright, so loud noises attract it, which can explain why there is one near the crash site.

” Mercury informs us.

“Alright, let’s go!” Emerald says and begins to swim away. I follow behind her and make sure that the Reaper isn’t right behind us.

It tries to flank us from our right side, but we are able to avoid being eaten. As I finally see some sort of Kelp Forest biome, I get hit by the tail of the Reaper and get knocked unconscious.

I wake up in the life pod, Mercury is dabbling with the communications relay and Emerald is preparing some food. “What happened to me?” I groan.

“You got hit by that thing’s tail and was knocked out, luckily I was able to hook onto you using Kusarigama’s chains and drag you back here.” Emerald smiles.

“Thank you Emerald.” I smile back. “Mercury, what have you found out through the data banks?”

“Well, what you saw was a Reaper Leviathan… and it wasn’t the only one… as well as the only leviathan class creature.

There are four total, the Reaper, the Sea Dragon Leviathan, the Ghost Leviathan, and the Sea Emperor Leviathan.” Mercury informs.

“The Sea Dragon, it’s found in the inactive and active lava zones.

The Ghost Leviathan is found in a place called the Lost River biome, and some place called… the Void?

But there is no information about the Sea Emperor, all we can find out is that it’s used for some kind of experiment.”

“Well now have more information, let’s try to find a way off this planet,” I say.

“That may be harder than we think,” Mercury mentions.

“Why’s that?”

“Well… this planet has some type of bacterium in the water.

A group known as the Precursors, seemed to have been experimenting, trying to find a cure, but the infection, known as the Kharaa, killed them before they could have.” Mercury lowers his head.

“Ok, but what does that to do with escaping this planet?” Emerald asks, a little worried.

“Because of this Kharaa, this planet is under quarantine… nothing gets in, nor out.”

“So that means… that’s why the Aurora was destroyed, not because of engine failure, but because it was…” Emerald starts.

“Shot down to contain the infection.” I finish

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