Chapter 2: The Most Useless Hospital Visit
Chapter 2: The Most Useless Hospital Visit stories
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matthewdonato Writing for the sake of writing...
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Chapter 2 is here! Still can't believe I'm doing this actually, this was supposed to be between my sister and me. I just feel like I should put this out here so people can see what I am capable of on a writing level... also I want feedback on if this is good or not.

Chapter 2: The Most Useless Hospital Visit

“Hm, relatively warm, bright sun, not many clouds, and lots of palm trees… yep, back in Florida.” The boy says. He walks into the hospital.

The lady at the front desk yelps from the sight of him.

“We need a medic in the lobby, stat!” The receptionist stammers after picking up the phone on her desk.

“I know this looks bad, but it really isn’t as bad as you think, I just… fell… off a cliff...yeah.” The boy says, trying to hide the fact that he is a fairy.

Frankly, not the best idea for an excuse

“Well, even if it’s ‘not that bad’ your arm is all bent out of shape, and blood is pouring out of your leg.” The lady says, ignoring his ‘falling off a cliff’ statement.

The boy sighs as medics barge into the lobby, picking the boy up and putting him on a gurney. They go through many doors until they go into an empty operating room so they begin to fix him up.

“Alright kid, we are going to make you better, we are going to talk you through it until we give you the anesthesia.

” The doctor says, “We are going to keep you focused on us by asking some questions, first off, what’s your name?”

“My name is Oberon Rilke.” Oberon Rilke, age seventeen, five feet and eight inches tall, has moss green eyes.

He is well built, wears a lot of green because he grew up near a forest and the fairies made their clothes from the greenery and used magic to make it into the shape of clothing.

He used to spend his time wandering around the island, discovering new things, and finding new creatures to keep as pets.

I know what you are probably saying at this, like how does no one notice the wings.

Well, the thing is, fairies only obtain their wings by earning them through hard work and proving that they can defend the world, usually the younger fairies train at the magic school,

so they can learn to use magic properly and learn what the fairies actually do for the world.

“That’s a nice name.” One of the nurses says in a soothing voice, “Where are you from Oberon?”

“I’m from this small, secluded island in the Atlantic Ocean,” Oberon replies, starting to doze off due to the knockout gas.

“He seems to be dozing off, let’s just ask him one more question.” The doctor says, “Do you know anything about the fairies… and no, I’m not saying that you’re a fairy, I’m just curious.”

“We… er, I mean, they didn’t mean anyone harm, they only wanted to protect us from the evil that lurks in the darkness, but I think we took it the wrong way, we got scared,

and instead of trying to communicate with… them, we just attacked them for no reason… and now they are all dead.” Oberon says, on the verge of tears.

It seems like the anesthesia hasn’t taken its course yet though.

“Hmm, you seem to have strong feelings for the fairies, how come?” The doctor asks.

“Well… they saved me once, a long time ago.

It was back where I used to live, and the house caught on fire… I had no way out, but a miracle happened, the fairies came and put out the fire and brought me to safety.” Oberon explains.

“That’s so tragic, I’m sorry to hear that.” The nurse says in a sad tone, “But hey, at least you got out of there.”

“Wasn’t this anesthesia supposed to, oh, I don’t know, knock me out!” Oberon exclaims.

“Well, uh… it was supposed to… not sure why it hasn’t yet.” The doctor mentions.

“Maybe it just doesn’t work, maybe some people just don’t need it…” Oberon says, coming to a realization, “wow, I’m such an idiot, I don’t need to go to a hospital, I can do this myself.

” Oberon finally figures it out, “I can just use healing magic!

” He gets up, and walks out of the room, the doctors and nurses are baffled at the sight of him just getting up and walking out, despite his injuries and having the knockout gas be used.

He exits the hospital and goes into an area where no one will see him using magic.

“Alright, hopefully, this works, and I hope I don’t set myself on fire… again.” Oberon closes his eyes and begins to concentrate.

His body is engulfed in a light blue light as the wind begins to swirl around him.

“O’ god of rejuvenation, Yomigami, please heal me of my injuries and I will be in debt to you!” With a flash of light, a figure appears, the figure comes closer and now becomes visible.

It’s a dragon, a pure white dragon, with a scroll attached to its tail.

The dragon begins to make circles around Oberon and the light blue light that surrounded him becomes brighter and brighter, and in an instant, nothing is seen, except for Oberon,

with his injuries all healed, not a bruise or scratch is seen on his body. He opens his eyes and looks at his body, “Wow, I actually did it!”

Yomigami is one of the many Celestial Brush gods that the fairies worship, he is the god of rejuvenation to be exact.

Each god in Japanese mythology is based of the zodiac, there’s the rabbit, dragon, tiger, snake, horse, rooster, boar, ox, sheep, monkey, rat, and dog.

The fairies are in contact with every god in Greek and Japanese mythology, mainly since they are the only ones who answer their request.

When the fairies want to use a spell involving the gods, they use an incantation like the one Oberon just used,

unless they have used it enough where they just have to think of a spell and it happens, but only fairies who have practiced their magic for years and years upon end.

Oberon and other young fairies go to a school to train them in using magic and training their stamina so they can use lots of magic at a time, there is no such thing as infinite magic,

you have a certain amount, but it’s all based on your will, if you run out of magic, you’ll pass out or something worse. The main way to restore your magic is to rest.

Moving on, as Oberon keeps walking around in Florida he sees something very interesting.

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