Chapter 1: Where is Everyone?
Chapter 1: Where is Everyone? stories

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This is actually my very own "novel" I started writing during my sophomore year of high school, it was basically a passion project and it took a year and a half to write. Hopefully, the chapters fit into the 10,000 character limit. Hope you guys enjoy Chapter 1 of The Final Fairy Wing, it's probably very stupid and inconsistent at times so sorry ahead of time for any confusion and stupid mistakes/typos

Chapter 1: Where is Everyone?

The world is full of fascinating creatures, big and small, calm and wild, passive and aggressive.

However, there is one species that not much is known about, no one knows what their origins are, where they live, or what they even look like. These creatures are called Fairies.

No, not like the super tiny pixies, they are the size of normal humans. They do possess the ability to fly, but they also possess something that has never been seen before, magic.

Magic is something that exists, but no one knows it, it’s like a big secret that no one wants to leak.

If someone were to tell anyone that fairies exist and possess magic, it would lead to drastic events.

People will begin to fear the fairies and see them as an enemy and eventually someone will act and destroy the fairy population.

As much as fairies don’t want humans knowing about them, some people do find out by accident and must have their memories erased.

Magic can be a beautiful thing, but at the same time, it is a dangerous thing.

There is all kinds of magic, water magic, fire magic, nature magic, you name it! The job of the fairies is to protect the humans from demonic beings, monsters, and all creatures of darkness.

They go on night hunts in order to find these creatures and they destroy them before they can harm any of the humans.

Sometimes, they get a little out of hand and the fairies accidentally destroy things.

They do fix it up afterward, but it still takes a while, and no one has figured out how stuff is getting destroyed.

Until one day, a police officer, Officer Madsen, installed cameras on every block in his neighborhood so he can have the crime rate go down.

Even though nothing ever happens there, just the occasional noise complaint about a teen’s party. Let’s just say that Officer Madsen is a little… paranoid.

On those cameras, he saw something different than a crime, but a fairy using magic on an unknown creature. The only reason he knew it was a fairy was that he saw the wings.

They’ve gone unknown for countless centuries, and they’ve finally been caught.

Officer Madsen showed the video footage to the chief of police, who had no idea what to make of it.

So they brought it to media, every news station’s top story was this, the fairies have been found.

Like they predicted, the humans are scared, scared of what the fairies will actually do with their magic.

They assumed if they’re just trying to get on their good side and when the humans get comfortable, the fairies will attack and destroy everything in their path.

Instead of trying to communicate with the fairies, they just made assumptions and had the military track them down and destroy them with military action.

It took three months to track down the fairies, they live in a little-secluded island in the Atlantic Ocean. The army stormed the island, leaving nothing left.

While the fairies did have magic, they never expected this to happen. They didn’t know how to respond to the surprise attack.

The fairy civilization has been eradicated, and everyone was at peace again. Not worrying about the fairies attacking them. Some people wanted the fairies to be safe, hoping some had survived.

The fairies’ home is gone, but one thing remains a magic transportation device. The one thing that connected the fairies with the humans, which the humans never found it.

That wasn’t the only thing hidden though. There is one sole survivor, a young teenage fairy. The last of his kind.

“I don’t understand, after everything we’ve done? After all the times we have protected them against the creature of darkness, they repay us with destruction.

I can’t really blame them, how are you really supposed to respond to beings who can use magic. Not only that but have secretly existed for many centuries.

” The fairy says to himself, forgetting that no one is around. He walks toward the area where the magic transportation device was held.

“This is my last chance, if I stay here I may just die of boredom before my injuries will kill me.” He says dramatically to himself again.

It’s not like he was completely spared, he was attacked by a soldier and wasn’t killed. The soldier most likely assumed the injuries would kill him and left him to die.

“I must use the Magic Transportation Device to go to where the humans live, I remember seeing a couple hospitals when I visited.”

He trudges to an area that is covered in trees, it leads to a hidden cave and inside is a circular room, where a large sphere is overhead with a marble flooring.

As he gets into the center of the room he looks upward.

“O Tetrabiblos, king of the heavenly stars, let the stars guide me to St. Catherine’s Hospital in Florida.

” The boy recites, a bright light shines from the sphere, and moments later, he appears in front of a hospital building.

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