Do you remember?

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Do you remember?

by matthewalvarez

It's 5 am

And darkness blankets, enveloping everything. It's just the same as before as it was in the light, but your scared of it anyway.

The rain assults the roof

It sounds like promised whispers and they bleed through like the night flowers smell. You drink it in like the last drops of Flint's bottled water.

We dreamed of red white and blue.

But we didn't know that it's called that because our sun bleeds red because of the blue and the white never have to see it.

Blue says

We are "unity" though segregation. "Diversity" through isolation and this "improved quality" through out our nation.

The red comes as cheap as Roses

Other flowers are sold for less. Hemlock. Daisy's, poppies. Thier all the $ame.they bloom in your eyes, your sun eyes.

The moment you birthed it

Your realized mortality. You sun inherited you, we inherited you. All that you are and more

We inherited the sun's reds

The blandest whites and their greene$t greens. We drink up their white like milk, they fill our bullet holes up like nothing else does.

Cicadas scream with us now

And even though we mute the news, we can still hear the sun's screams. And as you run to your sun, words become injustice.

And as you hold your sun

It's red light warms you. Like the news everything is muted and when you go home, you leave your body behind.

It's something flickering.

Red going on and off, you go on and they go off. Something must change.

Do you?

Is it as fresh In your head as it is in mine? Does this memory stand as resolute as I do?


It's tomorrow. It's tomorrow's tomorrow. We have new Suns now filled with red. All that was is a memory now.

And when we said the red spilled

It is a memory, we are at peace now. Euphoric, ecstatic, blissful peace. But do you remember, what it was like. To make this so?

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a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil thank you for this. Like you said I had to be careful of my word choice, and if you were to see my first draft on paper, you would see other phrases that were good in its entirety but lacked in placement. My favorite was phrase that sadly didn't make the cut was " look at our sun. It's fully clothed, draped in our past. It's favorite memory circumscribed it's wrists in a band of typed font. Can't you see, medical hospital bands are the latest fashion, ever sun is wearing them now. " overall I'm glad that you enjoyed the work and I hope that didn't mind reading it in the way that it started to slow for you or other such annoyances.

a year agoReply
@chromium first off thank you for reading my poem. Second off, I personally was inspired by the idea that everyone cares, or at least puts up the image off, for each other but only under the circumstances of popularity. I tried to exemplify this in my working of Flint bottled water and the metaphor of the sun being our future generations and our res being our failure such as death of or erasure of. Because such community's such as Flint still needs water, and that event received a lot of attention momentarily and im some, or most I am not to say, was only mentioned for the purpose of money or popularity of the re-poster. I wanted to bring to the attention that these deaths were happening today, but I didn't want to have it become white noise nor have it sound like a list of deaths and of other such macabre events. In the end, as you can read, I settled of this daydream/nightmare idea where we worked past all of this, and while we fixed it. The events are still part of us, we still remember them with out own personal formation of the memory. And as haunting as it is, we all collectively settle on the fact. That it's all over, and that we won. I hope I didn't bore you with this, and again thank you.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This was a dynamic and powerful poem, You chose your words with care and pointed, or rather aimed your message at the reader. It was well meteret and I loved the message.

chromiumSilver CommaI like to think I'm amazing
a year agoReply
interesting! what inspired this?