Why Is Everything About Girls??
Why Is Everything About Girls?? stories

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Why Is Everything About Girls??

by doormatt

I lived in Michigan for quite a while,

I hated the schools there,

Especially the girls and teachers.

The girls were allowed to pick on the boys,

But if the boys picked on the girls they were sent to..

The desk in the back..

Or maybe if we are lucky enough, we wouldn't get paddled and sent to the detention room.

I grew thinking girls should get there way..

I was in a abusive relationships, but none of my family or friends knew..

I hate getting close to a girl because..

Society makes her think she will always be cheated on by a boy..

Boys can't be raped.. Only girls.. And right there is a fucking lie.

My older brother was raped because of his step father..

Everything is always about girls now a days..

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