I Will Never Forget Her..
I Will Never Forget Her.. stories

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I Will Never Forget Her..

by doormatt

I had a best friend at a really young age..

Her name was Anne. :)

I had the biggest crush on her..

She is everything a guy would love to have..

.. But one day she had to leave..

Hearing your mom walk up the stairs and saying, "You wont be seeing Anne no more."

Looking at my mom while she is trying not to cry..

Asking my mother over and over again why I couldn't see her no more..

She just told me she had to move because her father got a new job..

And she gave me a toy that use to be Anne, I still have it to this day..

I grew up thinking Anne was just living in another state or something..

Until I start talking to my aunt about Anne and she tells me she died at a very young age of cancer..

I will never forget Anne..

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