The Regression
The Regression stories

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Poem about the sinful nature of lust and love

The Regression

The Regression begins

Like this it begins: chasing the clouds

Wanting to feel her soft skin

The light mist of her perfume

The seductive glow she casts

That ephemeral void of her fumes

Like this it begins: with the dirt under my feet

Calling out

Anxious to finally meet

To finally be one

To feel the taste of her lips

To collect flowers under the sun

Like this it begins: With the gentle waves around my body

The light tug pulling deeper and deeper

No more light now I’m sorry

The taste of her neck drowning all senses

The sea is furious and my mind is relentless

And I would like to move on but now I’m just senseless

Like this is ends: The fire chars my skin

Her body taunting me

All the shame is burned off now and I’m drenched in sin

And her voice in my ear

Her smell is in my mind

Her taste on my tongue

Her skin on mine

She is all I see and want

The Regression begins…

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